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As I was gazing or glancing out my window this morning and seeing a light covering of snow, which makes a perfect painted picture, than I’m reminded of this text.

“For to the snow He says, ‘Fall on the earth,Job 37:6a

The vastness of the One who can speak such a command, leaves me with a wonder that needs to be examined and discovered. Who is this voice that can clearly utter such small but yet impacting intonations toward us and upon our land?

If I could offer a tad bit of information in order to explore more closely who He is, I would say, “Stop trying to pick God apart as if you’re tasting a fine wine, rather embrace ALL of Him.

The psalmist reminds us that He is Great and greatly to be praised.

With my ability only to speak in words that are tiny and thin compared to His broadness and magnitude, let me attempt to paint you a picture of Him.

I’m not talking about His love, even with the knowledge that “He is love”, and knowing that He loved us because He gave His only Son for our ransom. Nor am I talking about His Mercy and that amazes me because of my ability to breath, function and live in a created environment where His glory, splendor and majesty may often be denied. Nor am I offering an explanation of His justice that leave me in wonder and awe of His fairness.

I want to talk about Him and His broadness!!!

The first thought that comes to my mind is that He out stretches the surface of planet earth one of many small items that He created. From my vantage point I could spend the rest of my life walking around this complete yet perfect formed planet and still not cross my paths.

Secondly, my attempt to reach for an object only to discover I over reached it or to shuffle my way around in the dark of night, and be nervous to go farther into the unknown, I do conclude that He is fathomless and deeper than this darkness.

I’m awakened to the idea that tomorrow at daybreak when light will spread like the gushing flow of water, so is the depth of His character. Nothing can sustain or hold back the vastness of that great light, but then He is superior to, larger than and over surpassing that great dawn.

Remember, my words can only be compared to or measured by two words (tiny and thin) that without a doubt have become real to me as I attempt explain this vast Person.

I have a wonderful friend who I’ve asked to school me on biblical text because he has not only studied the written word but has read it entirely year after year. I could probably come up with a name or two that would describe his ability to bring words on a page alive and real. I’ve sat under and submitted to father like figures that has helped me through some of the darkest moments of my life, but still neither one of these examples compares to the broadness God’s character

Let’s conclude with this thought about the wideness or broadness of such a Being. I’m reminded of a set of five volume books I have on the names of God in my office. He is everything I need. What a Source to go to and a Resource to tap into.

I still want to flesh out one more thought as I finish this blog. I don’t think there’s a second row of seats around the broadness of His character, all of us or any of us that so desire can sit in the front row. I don’t want you to picture yourself attempting to look around another person or trying to position yourself to get a better view, enjoy the front row. Allow Him to display to you and/or dispatch upon you the very weight of the many names that He carries.

Just for the simplicity of sitting in such a spot or a word of caution as you posture yourself in His presence, He is God and you’re not. Your silence and awe stuck restraint declares volumes to Him and who He is


Lord, show me beyond my present triumphs or trials? Let me see you

Lord, reveal to me your broadness?

Lord, what are you presently doing in Prescott and area?

Footnote - assume nothing, only wait for Him to speak, God is enough


“Have you understood the expanse of the earth?

Tell Me, if you know all this.

Job 38:18

Job 38:1 - 30 - Have your Bible open as He speaks

I'll give you a taste (first verse of chapter 38)

Job 38:1 - “Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge?

Remember seek Him


Let's get to the HEART of the matter

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